Indian Food in Markham is promoting Indian Cuisine in Canada


People rush to taste Indian food in Markham, Canada due to the variety of its spices. The reason why Indian restaurants in Markham are so popular is the inhabited Indian community in Canada that brought Indian culture with them. Peeping back in history, when the Canadian Parliament legislated liberally about the migrations from India, an influx of singles from India was recorded. Later on, they settled there with families causing a whole community to be inhabited in Canada. Gradually Indian citizens became a sizeable minority in Canada.


As the number of migrants from India increased over time, they realized they had missed the taste of their traditional food. They were unable to find quality Indian food in Canada. As time passed, Sikhs from India also migrated to Canada. They started to run grocery stores and restaurants in Toronto and nearby cities. Basically, the arrival of Sikhs brought the taste of Punjabi food to Canada. Since the majority of Indians who inhabited Canadian cities are Punjabi, that is why North Indian taste is much more popular in Canada.


Indian food is famous due to its specialties

Indian Food in Markham

Variety of spices

India cultivates a huge amount of spices which is why it is called ‘The Land of Spices’. it alone produces nearly 75% of the spices exported worldwide.


Historic perception of Indian Food

Indians still use the grains and ingredients in their food used thousands of years ago. They have a powerful association with their food trends, therefore people settled in Markham consider their years-long attachment to their historic tastes and prefer to dine in Indian restaurants in Markham.


Indian food satisfies people with different tastes

The best thing about delicious Indian food is that it meets the requirements of people with different tastes. Those who like minimally cooked vegetables and natural ingredients can enjoy healthy food items in Indian meals like salads. On the other hand, people who love to enjoy heavy, oily, and spicy meals can also find the items best suitable to their taste.

A blend of Indo-British Food

The delicious Indian food served in Indian restaurants in Markham is so far a blend of Anglo-Indian cuisine, an Indian taste merged with British flavors. During British rule in the Subcontinent, Indians made these dishes for their British employers in the region. Dishes like kedgeree, different sauces, and soups are made through Indian cooking styles but twisted with British cuisine. The British who had lived in India brought these dishes to Britain with them as a symbol of colonial yearnings.

In the wake of the second World war, many Indians moved to Britain to revamp the worn-torn pubs as newly set up restaurants. They also filled the shortage of labor. They started to serve their traditional food like curry in these restaurants. These renovated restaurants gained sharp popularity in Europe and spread to the West. Indo-Canadian citizens followed the suit and started to serve their own food in Canada. They introduced the whole world to their typical food tastes. Top Indian restaurants in Markham are now serving purely Indian food there and Indian food culture is getting popularity day by day.

top Indian restaurants

Anglo-Indian trends influenced the whole of Canada

Like British restaurants, Indians opened restaurants in Canada with similar décor and representations of their culture. They aimed to satisfy Indo-Canadian people’s exotic tastes. These top Indian restaurants set their target to spread their food culture in Markham. Gradually they established the chains of their branches and became recognized by the Indian community in Markham. 

Indians can now relish their typical food flavors while staying in Markham, Canada. They eat out their traditional food whenever they miss Indian flavors in top Indian restaurants. Otherwise, they quickly explore the Indian food near me in Markham.

The Thandur in Markham

The Thandur is among the top Indian restaurants in Markham. it is serving the Indians with premium quality Indian food. The Thandur satisfies the cravings of Indians staying in Markham. It serves its customers in a charming environment and delivers the food to your doorsteps as well. It is becoming a real face of Indian food culture abroad.

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