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Chicken Wings

Flavourful marinated chicken wings, tossed with our own Ranch or Caesar sauce - choose your heat level

Egg plant Cutlets

Eggplant marinated in our seasonings, fried for crispiness and lightly dusted with confectioners' sugar

Seafood Flatbread

Grilled shrimp, fish and cheese generously layered on a garlic naan and baked to perfection

The Thandur Calamari Rings

Dusted calamari rings deep fried and served with Thandur sauce.

The Thandur Chicken Classic Wings (10 pcs)

Dusted and Deep-fried winglets served with our signature sauce.

The Thandur Chicken Satay ( 5 Pieces)

Marinated boneless Chicken pieces on a skewer and grilled to perfection.

The Thandur Chicken Traditional Wings (10 pcs)

Fresh winglets marinated and grilled with our sauce.

The Thandur Flat Bread

Mixed veggies and cheese topped on garlic naan layered with our own butter sauce. Baked for a thrilling taste (add $2 for grilled chicken)

The Thandur Poutine

French fries topped with mixed cheese curds and finished with butter sauce. (add $2 for grilled chicken)

The Thandur Wedges

Potato wedges topped with mixed cheese along with butter sauce. Baked for perfection.