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Korean BBQ Ribeye Steak – 16 oz

Ribeye Steak grilled to your level of doneness and glazed with Korean BBQ sauce. Served with seasonal veggies.

Stir-fried Thandur Dish

Grilled chicken stir-fried with veggies topped on aromatic basmati rice.

Thandur Fish Fry

Deep fried whole Red Snapper baked with Stuffed avocados, goat cheese and salsa on our traditional Banana leaf to make it extra ordinary sea food taste. Comes with your choice of 1 side item.

Thandur Kothu Rotti (Chicken/Mutton/Shrimp)

Shredded roti tossed with your choice of meat,egg,red onion and chillies. Topped with fried egg ,served on our traditional banana leaf.

Thandur Skillet Chicken. (medium spicy)

Our own diced chicken sautéed with red and green peppers, red onion, tomatoes and spices. Finished with ranch and Thandur sauces. (add Mango tangy hot sauce to make it spicier) Topped on with Choice of Basmati rice or French fries.