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Thandur Offers The Magic Of Authentic Indian Food.


The chicken gets soaked in yoghurt and spices and cooked in a tandoor oven.
Thandur Indian Restaurant is a hidden gem for foodies looking for the greatest Indian food in town, and it is located in Markham, which has a thriving and diverse culinary scene. Thandur has become a popular destination not just among members of the neighbourhood but also among those passing by due to its pleasant and inviting ambiance, friendly service, and extensive menu of authentic
Indian food. In this article, we’ll talk about the restaurant’s specialty dish, which has widely regarded as the best Butter Chicken in Markham.


  • A Brief Overview of Butter Chicken’s Origins
  • Thandur’s Signature Butter Chicken: The Perfect Recipe
  • Suggestions for Pairing: Enhancing Your Butter Chicken Experience
  • Vegetarian Options: Delighting Veggie Lovers
  • Beyond Butter Chicken: A Taste of Thandur’s Menu
  • The Perfect Ending: Desserts and Drinks
  • Conclusion: A Must-See Place for Indian Food Lovers


A Brief Overview of Butter Chicken’s Origins

Delhi, India’s capital, the birthplace of the delectable meal known as Butter Chicken, which has also known as Murgh Makhani. This delectable treat has invented in the 1950s by the legendary Kundan Lal Gujral, who were also the founder of the now-iconic Moti Mahal restaurant. “Butter Chicken,” a dish made by boiling soft chunks of tandoori chicken in a silky tomato and cream sauce, has swiftly become one of the most popular and sought-after dishes in Indian food.

Thandur’s Signature Butter Chicken: The Perfect Recipe

Thandur Indian Restaurant chefs have mastered the art of preparing the most scrumptious Butter Chicken you’ve ever eaten. Their secret is that they only utilise the freshest ingredients and carefully consider the flavour combinations they combine with fragrant spices. The chicken has marinated in yoghurt and spices then cooked in tandoor oven. As a result, the chicken will be delicate and juicy, as well as have a deliciously smokey flavour. The smoky chicken has served with delectable tomato-based sauce made with butter, cream, and a symphony of fragrant spices. As a result, the sauce has a velvety texture that is rich and luscious.


Suggestions for Pairing: Enhancing Your Butter Chicken Experience

If you want to get the most out of the greatest Butter Chicken in Markham, you should get it from Thandur and eat it with their warm, airy, and freshly baked Indian bread. You have your pick from a number of delicious alternatives, such as the traditional Naan, the intoxicating Garlic Naan, or the mouthwatering Butter Naan. You can choose the whole wheat Roti or the layered Lachha Paratha for an alternative that is better for your health. In the event that you favour rice, both the fragrant Basmati Rice and the flavorful Jeera Rice are delicious options that make for great accompaniments.

Vegetarian Options: Delighting Veggie Lovers

Thandur Indian restaurant markham is dedicated to providing to customers with a variety of dietary requirements, and as part of this effort, they have included a selection of vegetarian alternatives to Butter Chicken on their menu. For vegetarians looking for a dish with a flavour and consistency comparable to that of the Butter Chicken, a popular option is the Paneer Makhani, which consists of tender cubes of paneer simmered in a smooth tomato sauce. Other delicious vegetarian options are the substantial Palak Paneer and the flavorful Shahi Paneer. Both of these dishes are vegetarian.

Beyond Butter Chicken: A Taste of Thandur’s Menu

Although the Butter Chicken at thandur restaurant is the dish for which the restaurant is most famous, the restaurant’s menu features a wealth of other mouthwatering Indian delicacies that are well worth trying. Enjoy the flavorful Lamb Rogan Josh, the fiery Chicken Vindaloo, or the aromatic Fish Curry. Many different tastes can satisfied by the vegetarian selections on the menu, such as the tangy Aloo Gobi and the healthy Gobi pakora. Make sure you get some of their mouthwatering starters, including the crispy Vegetable Pakora, the fiery Chicken Tikka, or the flavorful Paneer Tikka. You won’t regret it.

The Perfect Ending: Desserts and Drinks

There is no such thing as a comprehensive Indian meal that does not include a variety of mouthwatering desserts and beverages. You can enjoy traditional Indian desserts like the silky Rasmalai, the sticky Gulab Jamun, or the exquisite Gajar Ka Halwa at the Thandur Indian Restaurant. Try their Mango Lassi, a sweet and tangy yoghurt-based drink, or the classic Masala Chai, a hot and spiced tea that wonderfully complements the rich flavours of indian food ontario, as a pleasant finale to your dinner. Both of these drinks are available at this restaurant.

Conclusion: A Must-See Place for Indian Food Lovers

For those who are interested in Indian food, the Thandur Indian Restaurant in Markham is an establishment that should not be missed because it provides an unparalleled Butter Chicken experience. Every component of this dish, from the juicy, smokey chicken to the silky, creamy sauce, has meticulously prepared to titillate your taste senses. Thandur is the best option for a great dining experience because of its vast menu, which includes options for vegetarian diners, as well as its superb desserts. Because there is something on the menu for everyone, the restaurant is also an excellent choice. So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating? Make your way to Thandur Indian Restaurant in Markham for some of the city’s most delicious Butter Chicken.




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